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Cherry Blossom


Cherry Blossom Shoe Care is one of four brands owned by Grangers International, alongside Grangers, Fabsil, and ODO Sport. As part of the Product Protection Company, Cherry Blossom’s role is to bring order to chaos through the unrivalled protection of all types of footwear…


Moda Footwear

Moda Footwear is renowned within the industry as the premier buying event in the country. Over 400 brands assemble to produce a dynamic and contemporary showcase displaying the largest variety of new season styles for visitors.  As the UK’s national footwear exhibition it is an essential part of the buying season.

Out on a Limb Magazine


Out on a Limb magazine offers news, features and reviews related to development and innovation in directional footwear and fashion accessories. Articles supplied by leading market figures complement the comprehensive focus, which includes analysis, appointments, event previews/reviews and product reference listings.

Vibram Furoshiki


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BFA For the Footwear Industry since 1898. The BFA has supported the British footwear industry promoting its members for more than 100 years, providing an unrivalled go-to resource for everything you could ever need to know about the business.



The trade association for hundreds of independent shoe retailers across Britain, IFRA provides retailers with the support – and experience – of its nationwide membership.

The Society of Shoefitters (SSF)


The Society of Shoefitters (SSF) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1959. It offers training, support and assistance to the public and industry regarding shoe fitting, foot care and shoe buying. www.shoefitters-uk.org 

Footwear Today


Footwear Today is the UK’s oldest independent trade magazine for the footwear industry. The magazine covers Industry and Product News, reviews of the latest footwear and Fashion Trends – all of which aim to support and inform our readers, in their roles as footwear buyers.